My backpack has arrived!! When I get up to my parents house in about a week I’ll post pictures and explain why I chose a backpack versus a wheely bag.

June 23, 2011

Okay, finally- why I chose a backpack. Easy: I’m going to be traveling through Paris to get the hotel to meet the tour group. Why would I drag a bag behind me when I can move much more comfortably through the city with all my luggage on my back. WARNING to anyone else who attempts this: make sure your bag has a rain-cover. This warning isn’t actually to keep your bag dry, rather when you put it over your bag it makes it that much harder for pick-pockets to gain access to it.

I also chose a backpack because I really wanted one. I like backpacking- so, win-win. 🙂

It's all packed!!!

My bag is actually only half-filled. Which in my opinion is the best way to do things because now I can bring stuff back!!!


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  1. I love the backpack plan, and especially the leaving room for things to bring home. Did you widdle down your wardrobe in anticipation of some new French additions

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