Old “Post”…I put in the wrong area


The only good news is I’m learning how to write a blog. Feedback is more than welcome!! Because honestly, I’m making this up as I go.

June 2, 2011

In the past two weeks my tuition for the USAC program has been paid in full, my tickets have been purchased and my new backpack is on its way to my house!!

This whole experience is so surreal. I’m still in shock that I’m actually going to France for a whole month!! Unfortunately, I’ve realized as departure approaches that my French is terrible!! Luckily, I’m confident that I’ll pick up everything I’ve forgotten after a few days of immersion. That, and I’m going to give myself a crash course on the flight over. In between studying and working on my finals for this Quarter, I’m going to be scanning key pages of my old French book. Hopefully with some review I’ll start remembering French.

Below is link to a map of Pau!! I found it on Pau’s Tourism website. I was actually looking for more information on the local synagogue, but I found this instead!!! Because my French is so terrible I’ve decided to print it off, laminate it and study it before going arriving in Pau. It may prove very handy, especially considering my oh-so-wonderful abilities with directions.

Map of Pau


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