I had so many things I was going to accomplish in my last 10 days here in the U.S. …I got most of them done. 🙂 Luckily I have my flights to accomplish the whole review-French thing.

Things I noticed about these last 10 days:

  1. I was stressed even if I didn’t think so!!! Got kinda snippy at my family, noted for future take-offs. There were so many little things that end up appearing during these last few days. I had to call banks, organize a shopping trip, visit all the households in my family- just remembered, like right this instance I forgot one (sorry Aunt Nancy!!!) , pack and then repack my bag (this was an adventure, I had originally packed too few clothes and then after that first repacking I realized I had too many. Hopefully, I got it just right this time…too late if not 😛 ) Lesson: Either get a planner or allow mass consumption of comfort foods. Since I oppose planners, I opted for choice two.
  2. I “zoned-out” for large segments of time all the time!!! This is linked to observation #1. Also, excitement. This didn’t help me actually accomplish anything. But it was a nice break from everything else. Lesson: Don’t expect things to happen quickly.
  3. I’m going to miss my puppy!!!! That’s it…not the most profound observation, but she’s sooo cute and my cuddle-bear! 🙂

    How could you not miss this face?

My last night:
We went out for a “family” dinner, most appropriately, to a Mexican restaurant!!! Talk about reinforcing my confusion of French and Spanish 🙂

Fuzziness is due to the picture-taker's unfamiliarity with phone- still good though!!!


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