1st Full-Day Excursion & I get lost in Paris


Of course this would happen to me. I swear my watch is set right, but when I showed up at the rendez-vous point (only one, maybe two minutes late- not bad for me) the group wasn’t there! I headed off in the direction of the Metro and quickly realized once I got there that A) it wasn’t line 4 and B) this line didn’t cross at any stop with line 4. I found the closest stop to the hotel’s road & stared really hard at the 3 roads I would need to navigate to get there. I forgot to look at which way to turn on the first road. After 10 minutes of walking through a residential area I realized my grievous error. I tried to turn around, at which point I discovered I had somehow managed to get onto a different & wrong street. You see “city-blocks” in Paris appear to be triangular, so a road that is continuous doesn’t always go straight when you cross a road. I wandered back toward what I thought was the direction of the road I needed, but was again mistaken. Not being on a “touristy” road made me nervous, not because it looked or felt dangerous, but because there weren’t maps on the corners. Once I noticed this I quit trying to find my road & headed toward the loudest road I could see. It worked. I found a map- the same kind I used when I was confused after I departed the train yesterday. The kind with the “You Are Here” sticker. At this moment I learned that these types of maps are located on the back of the public toilets.

{insert picture}

The hotel’s road wasn’t even on this map! But, I drew & labeled the path I need to take to get back to square 1- the Metro stop. From there I located another map- Metro stops have maps too. & found where I needed to go. I did turn the wrong way onto Ave du General Leclerc, but every so often there are street signs that show which way the street numbers go up or down. Lots of lessons today & tired feet! A nice glass of wine at dinner sounds perfect right now!!!

..pictures within 48 hours…


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