“Dans Paris” at last


written June 28th

I arrived at the hotel about 30 min ago. I am exhausted, but I’m not going to nap because I want to sleep tonight.

The fly over went well. I managed to sleep! Sleeping on planes almost never happened for me. I don’t think it would have this time either if it hadn’t been for 2 Bendryl and 4 Ibuprofen- but it worked! I slept for 4.5 hours and woke up to breakfast followed by a quick descent into Paris.

The Paris airport was oddly laid out and I”m not really sure what it’s shape is. However, I managed to find the train terminal and find the Blue machines mentioned on the “Paris by Train” blog. Apparently “Paris by Train” is actually what the system is called- which was really convenient since there were signs everywhere. I hopped on a train, got off at Denfert-Rochereau & proceeded to the hotel. Voila!

Actually it wasn’t that “voila!”. I’m terrible with directions….so I couldn’t really figure out which direction the hotel was in. I looked at several map, none of which had a “You Are Here” sticker. Because of all the weird angles of European roads I couldn’t even locate where I was currently- let alone where I was supposed to be. 7 maps later I found one that told me where I was. I then counted the number of streets I would pass before needing to turn on mine. I also has to count the number of roads I’d cross- somehow I had two different numbers. At least I arrived though! First one to the hotel. I’m in a three person room.


  1. Sophie- from Washington D.C. ;  goes to Washington State
  2. Hilary- Norwalk, OH ; goes to Mount Union in Alliance

Hotel Room!

Our lovely, little bathroom. Very nice and clean.


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