First “day out in Paris” -June 24th 2011


It is so surreal to be walking around/passing by buildings, architecture and artwork that I’ve read and studied in my Art History classes. The Jardin du Luxembourg (our first visit) is one of those places!!! Yesterday we went there for our first excursion. I took sooo many pictures! On our way over & while in the garden. I’m going to have to resist the urge to photograph every bit of unique architecture I see. (In Europe, I feel like its all unique.) But how!!! The way buildings are laid out is sooo incredibly different from American customs. And even though there is no space to physically indicate a new building the colors, siding or overall feel of the architecture is so different from one building to the next that making the distinction is no challenge. That being said, I really think 100+ photos of “random” buildings is a bit excessive. But, perhaps buildings are better than me trying to document the roads- I’m sure I could live here for years and never figure out how they work….not that I really ever figure out directions…

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To see what else we did: Paris Tour itinerary Summer 2011 (.pdf)


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