Personal Experiment with Cell Phone…or lack there of


This was written while in the airport waiting for my first flight. I wrote it as a way to cope with some pre-flight anxiety.

written 6/23/2011

I’m writing this while waiting in CVG. I chose to leave my cell phone at home for the summer. For some this is a radical idea- exist w/o a cell phone? How!?…honestly, I agree with this sentiment. However, having my cell on me didn’t make any practical sense. I wouldn’t be able to use it in France and I’m not staying there long enough to invest in a new cell phone with international capabilities. Furthermore, when I return to the U.S. I’ll be in Minnesota, in the middle of nowhere without cell phone coverage. This is why I opted for a cell phone free summer. I suspect that while in transit- i.e. in airport- even upon my return my nervous habit of continuously checking my phone will crop up. Besides this I’m looking forward to losing my dependency on my phone for human social interactions. I feel like I use my cell as a crutch in social situations and that causes me to be disconnected with what I am doing/who I am engaging with at that moment. I’m hoping to change this and a little bit of discomfort now will be worth achieving this goal.


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  1. I certainly agree that people tend to use their cell phone as a social crutch, although, to hear you say that sounds a bit out of place. I am glad you are challenging yourself!

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