Jardin du Luxembourg- visited June 24th 2011

Jardin du Luxembourg- visited June 24th 2011

On to the Jardin du Luxembourg….

  1. I now know the difference between a French & an English garden. English gardens are more “natural”, i.e. they have rounded paths and groupings of plants & flowers. A French garden is more of an architectural, landscape art-piece. By this I mean its controlled and calculated. Rows of trees, perfectly straight. Neat & Tidy, unless its purposefully “natural-esque”. I don’t know which I prefer. Both seem like too much work.
  2. The Jardin is public!!!! I thought it wasn’t. The palace located in the Jardin is used for Senate proceedings (talk about stopping & smelling the roses on your way to work!), and therefore is closed Monday through Saturday during the day. Open on Sundays! Which might explain why it was so busy. Not just with fellow tourists, but with locals. I resisted the urge to take pictures of French-people-in-action. Which was hard because there was a playground. (Two actually: one free, the other requires a fee) I wish we had had more time to explore the expanse of the garden. I have already started a list of “Things to Do When I Return to Paris”…I have a feeling it will be a long list, especially if I include all of France.
  3. Apparently, in front of the palace you are not allowed on the grass. So I decided that this would the worst place ever to take Risty (my little sister)…perhaps when she is older šŸ™‚

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  1. From Wikipedia:
    “One [model of the Statue of Liberty] stands in the Jardin du Luxembourg: an information panel on the pedestal claims that it is a bronze model used by Bartholdi [the sculptor] as part of the preparatory work for the New York statue; the artist offered it to the Luxembourg museum in 1900 and it was placed in the park in 1906.[1] The date written on this statue’s tablet (where the New York statue has “JULY IV MDCCLXXVI”) is “15 novembre 1889″ (November 15, 1889), the date at which the larger Parisian replica was inaugurated.”
    There is another replica on a island in the Seine in Paris.

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