ARRIVAL IN PAU (June 28th)


The departure from Paris wasn’t too bad. TOO MUCH WALKING!!!! That’s my only complaint. It wouldn’t have been so bad if we had had some breaks or weren’t carrying all of our luggage for 20 minutes across the city. We then waited for over 30 minutes at the train station…breaks possibly? (I’m a bit bitter about the walk.)

The train it self was really nice and…well I love trains!!! So, I had a ton of fun. I also discovered that I have picked up the ability to do a fairly decent French accent. Which I think is a good sign- it means I’m hearing and able to repeat French phonetics 🙂 It’s also a lot of fun. I also love accents…

Here’s how we were introduced to Pau: we arrive in the station, get off and are shuffled off with our homestay families- all within 8 minutes. What a shock! Luckily, my homestay mom speaks English. But she says that by Saturday I will have no more English. (Yay!…and Ohhh…) My homestay grandma speaks Spanish…so I’m hoping to get some Spanish practice too. She also likes to go to the mountains…I’m hoping to ask her for a ride up here as well. I think it’d be a great learning experience and it’d be separate from the group tour of the National Park so I think it’d be nice.

For these first few days though, Flo (my homestay mom) said she’s speaking French to me otherwise my head would explode. My host grandma has already increased my Spanish vocabulary… language confusion!!! how great!!

My room is a quaint little room which I can’t wait to add flowers to. I have yet to locate a flower shop….but I was just informed of one. That’s it for now!!! Bonne nuit!!! (written June 30th, 2011)


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