First Day of Class…and I’m Late (June 30th)


This is not completely my fault. I will have to keep my shutter open so that the sun shines in from now on…but also I’m sick with a cold. The last night in Paris my roommates had the air-con on and it made me sick. Luckily the icky feeling did not stay in my chest, it moved to a head cold. Lesson of this experience: Don’t count on Paris air-con’s to have clean filters. Any who… so I woke up at 9:30 (my class starts at 9:30 so really I was beyond late.) I jumped up threw on clothes and attempted to run out the door.

I say attempted because…French doors don’t open without a key!!! Because of my fiasco last night, I didn’t recall where I put the key. I eventually found it zipped up in the pocket of my rain jacket. I was 30 minutes late. But!- other people were late too, so I didn’t get too embarrassed. The only really bad thing was that I didn’t get coffee until too late so I had a headache all day…and I felt really really sick. My sinuses were sooo backed up. Hopefully I’m over this cold within the next 24 hours and my allergies don’t act up. That last thing I want is to deal with allergies while here.


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