Going Out At Night (July 1st)


First Friday in Pau, had to go to a Disco. What a disaster!!! lol 🙂

This night I realized how loud Americans and how self conscience I was about it. I was constantly shushing people- they got annoyed but the French looked great-full. Everywhere we went I felt like we were super loud. However, after awhile the people in my party also started to realize their volume and we eventually became every aware of it. This was good until some people got too drunk.

I was really uncomfortable with the level of drunkenness that some people let them self go to. I felt that while walking around a new city, the first weekend, drinking as much as some did was unsafe and not cool for the other people there. (It was much like babysitting while trying to have fun…this equals frustration.) However, this frustration didn’t last too long because we went to a disco and everyone started dancing. Dancing was great…the music was not. Apparently, 80s music is in here at the Discos…given the name I would have at least thought 70s would be more appropriate.

Exiting the Disco was…problematic. Apparently taxis are not prevalent in Pau. There is a number, but you pretty much have to be fluent in French to successfully order one, or two. Here’s what happened…we exit the Disco. We order a cab. One shows, another group steals it because it arrived one block over. We order another, it shows up 20-30 minutes later and then after realizing we had too many people the driver rudely drove off with out another word. We order two taxis this time…they take 1 hour to get there. This whole time there are incredibly drunk men stumbling out of the disco walking up to us and trying to “chat”. It is very cold- always go out with a jacket!! Even is its hot when you first leave. So, here we are a group of young girls, we know very little French and its takes until after 5am to get into a taxi. We are in bed by 6am… excluding the dancing, this was not really the best first night out. We did eat a delicious, if not over priced, pizza dinner though.


Written in full from notes: July 3rd


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