My first grocery trip!! Food excites me….good food even more. Fresh bread and actual cheese…for super super cheap! Even with conversion!! A baguette is only .35 euro. And my cheese was only 2 euro!! It was so hard to decide!

SO, why are the French ingenious? They have a section of shelves dedicated to Nutella. Also, perhaps a bit more important, some of their products come in reusable jars. For instance, my Nutella (I got the small since its just for me) is actually a glass cup. So when I’m done with it…voila!!! I can use it at dinner! The same thing with mustard containers. I had the choice of wine goblet mustards, colored cup mustards and kiddie-cup mustards….I opted for the kiddie-cup because I thought it would be a great souvenir. By the way, within the cups are some the best mustards ever. The “kiddie” dijon I got is rich and spicy…nothing like the mustard we have in America. Cheese, mustard and bread… I might live off of them for this month. Oh wait, can’t forget dessert- & Nutella. (written June 30th)


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