l’Arc de Triomphe

l’Arc de Triomphe

Visited: June 27th

First off my apologies for “leaving this excursion out- it was not intentional. It’s that whole internet thing…apparently this post did not even save, let alone actually get posted.

Well- voila!!! L’Arc de Triomphe…. I did not go up it. This part of the day out was right after The Eiffel Tower… I did not feel like testing my abilities with heights again. So, I stayed safely on the ground…and went underneath this ginormous arc!!! I had no idea that it was so big!!! In my classes the pictures always made it appear as if it was just a tall arc. For those who don’t know- it has four entrances, not two…I now know this. It is also really wide…not skinny like the arches I put over my gardens. Multiple misconceptions were rectified with this visit. 🙂

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  1. You refer to going up the Arc. Where do you end up if you do this? I never thought of this as having “insides,” but I guess that’s what pictures do.

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