A really quick blurb here….but I’ve put up photos from all the excursions from Paris!!! Hopefully, I’ll really catch up and get the ones I have from Pau up soon too!!!


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  1. Awaiting photos. Meanwhile, some observations about a couple of blogs covering the same excursions to Paris and Pau–and producing very interesting differences in two students soaking up everything around them.

    The blog written by the English language and literature student has excellent pictures, pretty much one per sight-seeing location, but spends thoughtful and detailed prose on language. One entry notes punctuation details, and the discussion about the subjunctive voice warms this English teacher’s heart. The love of language and its meaning and sounds shines in this blog.

    The art and anthropology student zeros in on the images. Long shots, wide shots, close ups, ceilings, unusual angles (though none from high up–thanks to the other blog for filling in the gaps), shadows, the works. And there are multiple pictures of everything! This blogger, who writes in detail about locations in the photographs, nonetheless communicates best through the images, giving us the bright, the crowded, the hot, and dirty, and the outstandingly beautiful of Paris.

    Thoughtful work, ladies.

  2. @ Sarah –
    So bottom line, then – you’re in the right majors! But you knew that already. Very cool. You and Dory should link your blogs – I think that would provide very interesting counterpoint, just as JJ has explicated.

    @ JJ –
    You know, if you click the ‘login’ button, just under the message window here, then your FB profile pic will show up with your post. Of course, the hot pink geometric pattern is cool, too.

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