Versailles- Outside

Versailles- Outside

Visited: June 26th

Like I said…I’m coming back for two weeks, minimally. I had originally planned on scanning and posting my map of the Gardens….but I left it on the train on my way to Pau…in this awesome folder I got while there. I’m very bummed about it actually, but I feel that since I’ll be back I can replace it.

I’ll try to explain- the Jardins are huge. I spent about 2.5 hours in them and I only saw the main pathway to the Apollo Fountain and the initial left side of the very first set of garden areas (Left facing away from the Palace)… There are mazes, with fountains and sculptures through out. There is a whole “back” section, which is open to the locals and is also where Maria Antoinette had her petit chateau. This is why I need at least two weeks. The fountains only run during certain hours and quite frankly the jardins lose their magic when they are off. During the non-fountains hours, I plan on exploring the public area and Marie-Antoinette’s chateau.

I did not get to go into Marie-Antoinette’s “playhouse” because I didn’t want to get left behind…that would have been bad. However, I did find it!!! And I got some pictures in front of it…I wasn’t sure if I’d make it there and back in time…its a very long walk.

Note: I did not take many pictures of the statutes. I apologize if you like statutes, but I favor the Baroque-style statute more than classic/Roman-style. Louis XIV, the Sun King, considered himself very godlike and therefore wanted to be associated with gods…hence all the Roman mythological themes to the apartments inside the Palace, as well as in the Garden.


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