JARDIN? OU? (July 2nd)

JARDIN? OU? (July 2nd)

As if lack of sleep and poisonous caterpillars weren’t enough, I had planned an outing. This sole objective of this outing was to find Pau’s gardens. I have a whole brochure from the Tourism Office in Pau talking about all of these great gardens. I love flowers and I thought it would be a great way to spend the weekend. No other excursions with USAC were planned and being our first weekend I thought it would be good to see some local sights…and see we did. Although we were able to take some wonderful pictures of the city and revisit the chateau- with our cameras this time- we did not actually find what we would call “gardens”. [On the first full-day in Pau we were given a quick tour of the city. I did not have the energy or the time to write notes or take pictures as we went along. I figured I could we re-visit.] We found some lettuce and herbs being grown in the chateau’s garden….but not any of the garden’s that were pictured in my brochure. I am really in the mood for flowers, so I was very disappointed. Everywhere I walk I pass by gorgeous flowering tree, bushes and plants. Mind you- this is all on the back drop of southern France residences and skyline. I have settled on the idea of going to a local fleurist and buying myself a bouquet. They are pricey but so much prettier than any other bouquets I’ve seen on display in America.

Any who… although we were not able to find an “garden” we wound up adventuring through the city, and hiking through a well-groomed forested area. In the open area next to the forest area we passed a ton of adorable dogs which made me miss my puppy.

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Speaking of my puppy: I’ve put in my head to find a way to get her to France. She’d look so much better promenading across these paths than many of these other dogs. (I’m only a teensy bit bias 🙂 But seriously I would look incredibly French walking around with her here…especially if I had a bicycle!!! 🙂 I’ve yet to find a practical way to hire a bicycle. They have these rent-a-bike locations all over!!! However you need to put in a rather large deposit and get a card with a code number on it…so I may not ever get a chance to rent one while here…but when I come back!!! 🙂 lol [ I do realize the preposterous-ness of my dog & bike plan…but I can always dream/hope 🙂 ]

written in full from notes: July 3rd


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