So, I just did my laundry for the first time…and even their freaking washing machine are cute!!! I don’t care if my host mom thinks I’m strange- I’m taking pictures and showing them to you all. The machine is so tiny! And yet it fit almost all of my clothes (not everything was dirty so I didn’t include two of my dresses, a dry-clean-only jacket and a button up blouse)… which means that everything I brought with me fits in it!! I got so excited about it that she looked at me like “Really? Its just a washer.” But she then asked about whether our washers are big in America too.

The “too” refers to a previous conversation we had about my excitement over her refrigerator and oven….both of which are what we call at home “studio”-size. Yet, somehow (this is dripping sarcasm by the way) they are able to feed everyone in the house with their teensy little ovens…I love the appliances here! (I also love studio apartments…)

Besides the appliances, EVERYTHING is adorable. Picture in your head a stereotypical Southern France scene…I walk through that “postcard worthy” scene everyday. Complete with blooming flowers and mountains in the background….not to mention the absolutely “French” way of eating.

Since its summer (I’m assuming this is not what is done in the winter time) the restaurants literally take over the streets at dinner time. So all those quaint pictures of French cafes in picturesque streets with people dining in the open air….its real. I unfortunately didn’t get a picture but the other night I went out to eat with friends for Indian food. (We had been searching for an Indian restaurant to eat at since we arrived.) But our table was on a small bridge which was over a road that was also full of people dining. So I had this absolutely amazing ability to watch other people on one side and on the other side I could gaze at the Pyrenees. I don’t understand why Americans don’t eat this way during the summer. (This same eating style is what occurred in Paris, but I didn’t particularly like the view as much. Perhaps I’m too much of a “country” girl…or something like that 😛 I’m not sure if the Pyrenees count as “country”… or if living in wine country counts as “country”…).

Whatever the case may be… this place is fantastic!!! Its considered a larger city, but its smaller than Cincinnati…and I’ve quite literally walked through most of this city…without getting lost!!! (This is because my map-reading skills have greatly improved.)

I have not yet gotten myself flowers (soon though, they’d look perfect on my desk) and I discovered that I will not be able to rent a bicycle…quelle domage!!! I really wanted to bike around the town- specifically on the rue de Pyrenees with baquettes in my bike-basket and have a friend take a picture of that with Tea Cafes, etc in the background…. I mean…. I do have the perfect dress and scarf, so why pass up a great photo-op? This fantastic photo may still happen though!- another lady in a home-stay uses her family’s bike…I may steal it. 🙂 A bientot!!!


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  1. What pictures! People actually LIVE there. Hm. Makes me wonder what industries are prevalent in Pau…

    That would be a great picture – you totally have to get hold of that bike.

    Good on the map skills.

    Smaller is also likely to be less energy-wasteful.

    And dining outside in the summer is a common European tradition. Certainly it’s true in Greece – and to seemingly all hours! We would do well to adopt such style here. ‘Course, the scenic view wouldn’t be the same…

  2. The pictures are wonderful, and I agree that everything looks great, adorable. Try this: is it possible to find anything NOT adorable?

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