San Sebastian Weekend Get-A-Way!!! Day 1 (16 July)

San Sebastian Weekend Get-A-Way!!! Day 1 (16 July)

This was a last minute trip I took with four of my fellow Pau students. They planned all of it, I was just along for the ride. And what a ride it was!!!

The first big thing that went awry was a misunderstanding with the hotel about what “able to add beds” means. They couldn’t fit us all in the room the had been booked. So, we set out to search for a hostel. And we found one….it was full.

Luckily though the man that ran this hostel had an extra room in his cleaning lady’s apartment. It appeared that it was kept for “spill-over”…aka, 5 young women show up looking panicked and have nowhere else to go. So we stayed in a random woman’s apartment…and it was nice!! The room was clean, spacious and we each had a space to sleep. An extra bonus (besides having a place to sleep)- the price!!! The hotel would have cost us 54 euro each. The hostel was only 28 euro 🙂

After we got settled in the hostel room we headed out for the day.

During the day we stayed on the beach. And it was gorgeous!!! The water was beautiful and so nice to swim in. A bit cold initially but after a bit you didn’t want to get out. I could’ve stayed there all day. But, we had plans for the night and needed a nap. So we returned after about 4 hours out in the sand.

After resting we went out to “Rolo y Negra” a local place that served tapas. Although it was a very friendly atmosphere, there were not many vegetarian options available. There were some seafood choices, which didn’t help me since I can’t eat seafood. I ended up eating a potato pancake omelet thingy and some cheesecake.

  • I think I would have enjoyed this restaurant much more had I not been so famished. I actually had to leave and sit down because I was so hungry I felt like I was going to pass out. LESSON: Always travel with granola bars. Especially if you are uncertain about when meals will happen. I really missed out on this restaurant because I was so famished.

The visit to the nightlife of San Sebastian was canceled because…apparently meat in Spain is not what American stomachs are used to. Three members of our party got sick. Which was unfortunate, but we all got a decent night’s rest….after their stomachs calmed down.

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