Preparing to Leave- written August 1st 2011


My preparations to leave were more difficult than I thought. Although I had not spent much time at my host-home, because of excursions and dinner plans, etc, I was incredibly sad to leave. My host-grandma came and said goodbye to me and said that I was welcome to stop by anytime I was in the area. My host-mom went and stayed with me when I went to the bus stop- even though it was delayed by a quarter of an hour. I didn’t realize how much I liked having a house with a welcoming family in it to come home to.

If I could redo it, I think I would have tried to engage more with my host-family. Although I gained a lot by going out and attempting to talk to other French speakers I feel like spending more time in my host-house and cultivating those relationships would have been a great way to spend my time as well.

I left Pau contently though. I had made new friends, learned the foundations of one the languages I which to learn. And, I left looking forward to returning to the area in the future.

I can’t believe the month went so quickly. Already, I miss my friends and the familiar streets of Pau. For now, this is my last post on this summer’s study abroad experience. Look for updates to the French page, the About the Blogger page and any other news of future travels/study abroad excursions I have in the works, like….:

  1. Senegal- Spring 2012
  2. Israel- Academic Year 2012/2013

I’ll be maintaining this blog and will discuss the processes necessary to go on these study abroad trips…in detail. Or, if they don’t happen, I’ll talk about why they didn’t…I don’t see them not happening though.

Until next time!!! – Sarah Wright


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