My first video post :-) Gifts & Visas


Returning to France for the second time is proving to be much more stressful than the fist time. Not only is there the stress of finances, but there is so much paperwork!!! I’ve never seen paperwork this…complicated? I’m not sure if complicated is the word I’m looking for. There is just a lot of it. Each form has its own deadline. Each deadline has to be met by submitting the said form in a different way, fax vs email vs snail mail. (I didn’t even know people used fax anymore, except my old doctors office in the middle of no where.)

Although I’m planning on going over the paperwork in detail- for those of us who find organizing papers soothing- this video basically just gives a really quick tour of my Binder-of-Everything. I’m promoting the creation of BoE’s because they really help keep things organized. Sometimes you will be handed a BoE, or like me you might have to make it yourself. Regardless, you should definitely put one together!

A quick tangent about my first video post:

Its fabulously awkward because I was speaking too quickly so there is a really disconcerting delay between what I’m saying and what you hear. I decided to leave it this way because I’m experimenting with video-ing to learn more about the whole process. So, having a fabulously awkward first post just seems fitting.

What I Cover:
In this post I cover gift-giving and then give a tour of my Binder-of-Everything: Confirmation materials, Visa paperwork, Billing stuff. I will more than likely do a more thorough run through of my BoE at a later date (like when I return).

*I also cover yellow WHO cards and immunization records.


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