I’m with my family!


They are marvelous! And..they know about gluten and dairy issues! So, when I started listing the things I ate for breakfast they were confused. I was prepared to make a lot of compromises because dietary issues/specialty diets aren’t always conceived of in the same ways in different countries. This means that, thanks to their lovely “sans gluten” cookbook I’ll be able to eat a very gluten-light diet! šŸ™‚ This is especially good for my anxiety.

I’m getting sicker, not better…pretty sure it has to do with nerves, anxiousness and all that jazz. The good news? I won’t have to buy Nutella (I promised I wouldn’t actually purchase it). My host-mother and host-sister, while they eat as organic as possible made a point to tell me that that still have Nutella. šŸ™‚ I’ve lost weight in the few short days I’ve been here, so having something fattening will be a good thing. So, all is well! We have tings we are doing today (I’m not sure what, grocery shopping I think). It’ll be awhile until I get into a schedule of some sort, but hopefully I’ll get something posted at least once a day. Even if it is just a picture.

lavender is a local treasure

This is a gift from my host family. It came from a local shop that I’ll be visiting. šŸ™‚


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  1. Yay! glad you are safe and sound avec ta famille d’accueil! Will I see you this week-end? If not, then lundi lundi lundi~

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