I’m Exhuasted


I just finished writing an entire journal entry in French… its a requirement, from here on out its only French. I think I prefer listening to French, writing it is harder. And now, because my brain is ready to do nothing I’m going to try to study grammar- yeah for the upcoming exam! 😛 But I’m going to be doing a bit of updating on my blog first…and listen to Dispatch, yes, Dispatch 🙂 Listening to Dispatch, eating cough drops and pretending not be sick as a dog…I wonder if the French have this expression too?


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  1. um… every dog I’ve seen has an owner… but rarely a leash unless they are tiny pure bred things. The mutts seem very docile and friendly. Well behaved… Athena and Mimzy would not fit in here at all. 🙂 ❤

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