End of the Week Pick Me Up



So its the end of the week and my brain is fried. Above is a link to a video I found on BBC..its about making funny mistakes in French…or several other languages if you follow the post. Given that I feel like I’m regressing right now, I found this one comforting.


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  1. Claire, Hants 2011-08-15

    This can happen the other way around…
    Picture the scene. A summer’s evening in a town near the River Test. A German exchange student at dinner with the entire English family (grandparents included).
    She is describing in excellent English how in Germany, people are referred to by the river rather than a town e.g. Rhoners.
    ‘So,’ she continues, ‘that would make you all Testes!’ and smiles brightly around the table amid guffaws and desperate attempts to explain the translation….

    taken from: http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/yoursay/dont_try/a_selection_of_languagerelated_mishaps.shtml

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