Carambar!! A Goût of France

Carambar!! A Goût of France

I’m not sure why I didn’t recognize this brand, I’m pretty sure its in America. This post isn’t about the actual candy…although it is yummy. I’m eating it as I write this.

My host sister bought a bag of these candies for me to eat…again not just because they are yummy, but because each wrapper has a funny joke inside. By funny I mean absolutely ridiculously stupid, but so stupid you have to laugh. The word she used sounded like “droll”…I’ve heard it a few more times still not sure if it has an exact translation, or if its one of things that’s situational…I’m working on that one. These jokes for little children…I’ve managed to understand 3 of them on my own and 1 with an in-depth conversation.

Here are the three I understood:

  • Quel super hèros joue le mieux au base-ball? Réponse: Batte Man. 🙂 Translation/Interpretation: Which super hero is the best at baseball? A: Bat Man.          This was the joke I understood…and of course its about America’s favorite past time.
  • Quel acteur est une copie de lui-même? R: Georges Clonè  Translation: Which actor is a copy of himself? A: George Clone …but it sounds closer to Clooney in French.
  • Comment s’appelle un chien qui vend des médicaments? R: un pharamchien Translation/Interpretation: What do you call a dog who sells medicine? A: a pharmacy technician ..again, the word is better in French.

While these stupid jokes may not look like much, after the last two days where I’ve felt like I was consistently losing my French abilities over the course of those 48 hours, being able to read and understand these three jokes (out of the 20 candies I ate) was a huge thing! Not only did I get to laugh at a French joke, but I was able to comprehend what I was reading and why it was funny.       Which is much different from the multitude of times I’ve laughed because I have no idea what’s going on and need to relieve the stress…two very different laughs…


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  1. Not much of a sportswoman, but…in golf, when a golfer gets coaching on a new club grip, the first thing that happens is that his or her score gets significantly worse. Learning a new pattern for grip or swing or stance takes time and sends the golfer back to the beginning days, and I suspect that your current French is not so much adding on to your old French but retrenching completely too. Pretty soon you will be sailing along with a completely different feel for the language.

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