One Whole Page!


In my new workbook 🙂 Its for ages 8-9 and its freaking hard! I still don’t understand the riddle I got wrong.

So, today my comprehension plummeted. What I can speak in French is increasing…but what I could understand… not so much. I kept hearing whole words as several words and then not comprehending sentences I know I’ve heard a dozen times before.                I’m blaming my stuffed up ears- remember I’m still recovering/still have a really nasty cold. The auditory part is definitely my ears. However, even when I could actually hear all the sounds my brain was like “AAANNNDDD… what do you expect me to do with this exactly?”

Btw- I gave myself a “GREEN” for “GO!”. Only one thing wrong…. and I’m looking at the spelling page like “What is this?” I don’t even know the words I’m supposed to be filling in!!! I got this people, I got this…. tomorrow. After I sleep.


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