My proximity to current going-ons in Toulouse


The news of the world is the killing of 3 French soldiers and 4 Jewish citizens here in Toulouse, France. 3 of the “Jewish” citizens were children.

As I write this I’m watching the ceremony for the 3 soldiers… the suspect himself being trapped inside of a building about 3 French city blocks from where I sit. (This is not an exaggeration, I walked there within the last hour to see the news vans…and also to confirm how close “just down there!” really was.) My proximity to this event is not lost on me…these have really been days where “il n’y a pas de mots”/ there are no words.

To follow the story click on the following links.

  • 20 Minutes (France)
  • CNN (USA) : There are some differences between what I’ve understood in the French news and what I just read in this article. This article states that Merah has been under watch by authorities for several years…The French press states he’s never been violent before and has been quite about his beliefs. In all reality its probably a mix of the two.


Update: All of the news sources I’ve read are now in line.


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