The Regions of France: Regions are like States in the U.S….but not. From what I’ve gathered Regions aren’t somewhat independent entities. They exist for administrative purposes. To aid in the specificity of administrative functions, Regions are also broken down into Departments. Below is a map of the Regions.

Shout Outs Ecoasis: This is where I stayed with SIT during our first excursion. I highly recommend this place! Its cute eco-friendly Bed&Breakfast type place in a beautiful area of southern France. The web site is in French but they knew some English, so go ahead and email them!  Websites about France:Manger Bouger This is a site about retaining a healthy eating lifestyle. Once I can read French better, I’ll explain what that means to French people. 🙂NRJ Music Awards: I enjoyed these during my first weekend in Toulouse! Very cool. The site has music links and a ton of other stuff. I thought it’d be a great resource for anyone interested in French pop-culture. If you want to know the branchè (“in”) artists, etc, this is your site!BioCoop: This site is all about bio products. It’ll tell you where biocoops are, what sort of products are out there, etc.  French Television Websites: MY TF1:My host family and I watch CSI Miami…because Horatio is even more awkward in French 🙂ARTe: Where I first watched Borgen 🙂TV5: A great tool to learn some French and practice your comprehension!! They have news clips with the text so you can read along or listen first and then read.


Dome des Invalides 5

Notre Dame 20

Notre Dame 19: couples write their name, lock the lock & throw the key in the river

Musee Rodin 4


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