Located in the Midi-Pyrenees, Toulouse is about a two (?) hour drive from Spain and about a 2-3 hours drive from decent skiing villages (according to my host family). Toulouse is the fourth biggest city in France, last I heard, but is considered a student-city. It has three universities and houses approximately 100,000 students.

How To Navigate Toulouse!! This is an incredibly important link if you are visiting Toulouse for any amount of time. Getting lost in a decently sized city, where you more then likely don’t speak the language very well, isn’t fun. This link gives you amazing tips and pointers, that I was given by a SIT staff member while touring the city.

Links About Toulouse:

  • Cinema ABC This is a movie theater. It is, if I understood Isabelle correctly, part of an association for French films. It includes some international films, but the majority are French and the non-French ones appear to be dubbed in French. (I’ll know more after I go there.)
  • La Cinematheque de Toulouse I’m not sure what exactly this is. It appears to be a place to watch films. However, the films are specialty films. They appear to be more artistic in nature, not just for entertainment but to preserve and maintain an element of culture of France and Toulouse. They have “indie american” films, but again “indie” films tend to have an artistic element generally lacking in mainstream films. (Again, I’ll know more once I go here.)
  • les Abattoirs A contemporary art museum.

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